#75: Indomie Mi Goreng Rendang Instant Noodles

Ah the glorious 99 Ranch Market. It takes about 40 minutes to walk there (at a very fast walk), pick out some noodles and then walk home.

Today I picked the 49 cent Indomie Mi Goreng Rendang. Never ever have I tried this before. I read someone reviewed it as being “the hottest curry flavor ever” and that piqued my curiosity.

So there was a flavored oil, a sweet soy sauce and a little sachet of fried onions hooked together on the left there, and on the right is chili powder and seasoning powder. I’m gathering that rendang means beef as the english on the packaging mentioned beef. Funny, no mention of curry…

The seasonings at the bottom of the bowl as they await some drained noodles.

The final product. I added some fried shallot three fried eggs and some kizami shoga (hot pink ginger). I think the other review was a little off. They mentioned heat. I think our palates must differ in the extreme as the heat was very slight. I really liked the flavor here too – a nice beef kind of taste to it and since it didn’t have the usual sweet hot chili paste (manas pedas) it was very mellow even with the chili powder. All in all, this tasted great! 4.5 out of 5 stars.



  1. rendang is north-sumatran style beef curry 🙂 But it’s not like Indian curry or Japanese curry. So it might not mention ‘curry’ in the ingredients 🙂

  2. Great Ramen!! added ginger, beef,bok choy carrot,peanut butter,onion,cilantro and sprouts. YEOW!!! clean bowl club—–D

  3. i was very disappointed with rendang. i don’t know if it’s different here in the UK, but the seasoning oil has an overwhelming and rather disgusting coriander flavor to it which really clashes with the beefy powder. i ended up substituting the sachet oil with mustard oil which is rather hard to find here, but it really enhanced the flavor.

  4. Followed. I had to Google your Twitter account. You need a Twitter link in your sidebar.
    The Rendang was very lemongrassy, not hot at all.
    Here’s a suggestion… can you take a photo of the ingredients list for each ramen you review (especially Indomie)? It would be interesting to see if the ingredients in the same product vary from country to country (I’m in AU).

  5. I bought a packet of the Rendang version of Mi Goreng today.. I normally buy the red packet. I had a 3 second scan of the ingredients in the supermarket (I’m vegetarian), no meat listed, but didn’t notice that it said BEEF on the front. I’m about to eat it anyway. I figure Indomie probably put meat into all their sachets anyway. But if they don’t list it… well, ignorance is bliss. Awesome site btw. *Bookmarked*. Ramen wins.

    1. Heya –

      Actually I kind of doubt there’s much if any meat in any of them. If you’re in the US, It’s hard for stuff like that to get approved for export so you’re probably gonna be okay!

      Thanks for the bookmark – check me out on Facebook and/or twitter!

      – The Ramen Rater

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