#74: Nissin Demae Ramen Shoyu Flavor Instant Noodles

So this is one of the few flavors left at 99 Ranch Market for me to try to here we go. Felt like a rather we stuffed package which gave me hopes of an interesting and unique meal with surprises and multiple packets…

So got the standard dry powder, a ‘seasoning sauce’ which was carrying a decent amount of black thick liquid and some little bits o’ seaweed for that ‘of the sea’ flavor we all crave.

Standard nowadays instructions apply… Cook noodles in 2 1/4c water and then dump it into the bowl with the seasonings. As it turns out class, shoyu means soy sauce. So there’s the soy sauce and oil with the dry powder just itching to get a ton of boiling noodles and water poured upon them.

I couldn’t resist Photoshopping this one a little but with a large amount of sepia (click image to enlarge).

So then I ate it (click image to enlarge). The broth reminded me somewhat of what ya get in the Sapporo Ichiban stuff that comes with the big dehydrated chunk of tofu that is reminiscent of a human foot – I plan on reviewing all the Sapporo Ichiban’s once I’m out of Nissin to devour.
I liked the seaweed and everything else was nice, balanced and simple. I’m slapping a 4 out of five stars on this one. Get it here.


  1. Huh. Just cooked a bowl of this today and it didn’t have the black seasoning packet. Instead it came with a packet of whitish cream-coloured stuff that was probably tonkotsu paste. Tasted like heaven – mine came from Singapore, though.

  2. The broth was great. I have had better noodles though. Strong sea smell though which at first threw me off a bit. Sapporo Ichiban all day.

    4 stars?

    Mike M.

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