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#2633: Myojo Chukazanmai Premium Sour & Spicy Noodle Soup

#2633: Myojo Chukazanmai Premium Sour & Spicy Noodle Soup - Japan - The Ramen Rater - boxfromjapan.com

Here’s one sent by Javier over at Box From Japan. Box From Japan is a monthly subscription service where you can get boxes of neat Japanese instant ramen or boxes of candy and they have other special ones as well! Definitely, give them a look! ...see full post

#2591: Myojo Charumera Licca Chan Onion Gratin Soup Noodle

#2591: Myojo Charumera Licca Chan Onion Gratin Soup Noodle - Japan - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles ramen

Found these up in Canada at the Osaka market in Yaohan Centre.                            So I’ve seen this on instagram a few times and been wondering what the big deal is. Moreover, what is Licca? Here’s something from Wikipedia – ...see full post

#2418: Myojo Yomise No Yakisoba Karashi Mentaiko Flavor

#2418: Myojo Yomise No Yakisoba Karashi Mentaiko Flavor - Japan - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles

Here’s another one I found in Taiwan on my trip in November of 2016. Yakisoba is one of my favorites – and my wife Kit likes it quite a bit as well. As I’ve said before, I’m usually quite a few reviews ahead as normally I do two reviews a day but only post one. Right now It’s February 20th, 2017 and our new President Trump has only been in office for a month. I have to assure my friends from all over the world that indeed not all of us are rude and boorish as he is and respect other people’s rights. That being said, let’s talk more about this one! ...see full post

#2289: Myojo Shin-Toyama Black Ramen

Here’s another one sent to me by Javier from Box From Japan. Box From Japan has subscriptions for all sorts of neat Japanese things. I regret to say that I was informed that they won’t be taking subscriptions for their ramen boxes for now – hopefully that will start again soon. He mentioned that you can purchase instant noodles from them here. Here’s what he had to say about this particular variety: ...see full post

#2190: Myojo Barikata Noukou Tonkotsu Shoyu

Here’s another one from Javier over at BoxFromJapan.com! Box From Japan is a subscription service – you can get a box of ramen (and candy too) from Japan every month for $25. I can honestly say I still haven’t gotten a variety I’ve reviewed before from them – something pretty amazing! Here’s what they had to say about this variety: ...see full post

#1621: Myojo Men White Creamy Tonkotsu

A while back I reviewed the Myojo Men Black Seafood Tonkotsu. Well, this is the white creamy variety. Tonkotsu is usually made from pork bone broth – pork bones and boiled for quite a while to pull out the flavor, and it gets a milky color. This one’s manufactured in the United States by Myojo, and so pork products are present. Let’s see how this creamy tonkotsu variety stacks up/. ...see full post

#1607: Myojo Nyumen Desse Shoyu

This is one got last year on my birthday trip to Canada! Really excited that the next trip is coming up very quickly! My wife, son and sister will be coming this time, so it should be a lot of fun. Today’s review is on Myojo Desse Nyumen. So, what’s nyumen? Wikipedia had this to say: ...see full post

#1551: Myojo Men Black Seafood Tonkotsu

Got this one down in California during our summer trip! JFC distributes a lot of different products here in the USA from Japan and elsewhere. I’m curious what the actual brand here is. Those characters at the top look extremely familiar… ...see full post

#1179: Myojo Chukazanmai Guangdong Style Ramen

Here’s one that my friend Scott A. sent me – thanks again! Been a long time since I’ve had any of the Chukazanmai varieties – fancy shmancy stuff – let’s check this one out! ...see full post