August 30, 2010

#118: Paldo Bibim Men Oriental Style Noodle

So sometimes I’m looking for some new ramen and see it but it only seems to come in a 5 pack. Nowhere else in the noodle aisle do they have it… That’s really annoying! This was one such variety but I finally found it at a new Asian market I found today out of nowhere across from 99 Ranch Market in Edmonds. Anyways, here’s Paldo brand Bibim Men Oriental Style Noodle

So only one packet. The directions are to cook the noodles and then drain them, wash them under cold water and then put the goopy contents of this packet with them and stir.

See the goopy contents? On the package it mentions now with 8% more apple juice and also has a pic of a hot pepper.

Finished stuff (click image to enlarge). Well, I’m certainly glad I didn’t get 5 of them. It’s interesting a very different; it’s cold noodles with a slightly apple tasting and spicy flavor. Still, not really my thing. I might like them better hot but still not sure. The end result is 2.5 out of 5.0 stars. It’s really neat and cool to see something so different than what I usually get, but really not that great or terrible.