August 16, 2010

#109: MAMA Instant Pad Thai Noodles

So some Pad Thai by MAMA. This should be interesting – I’ve had Pad Thai before at a restaurant and its not too bad so we’ll see how it stands up here.

Rice noodles – should cook pretty fast. These are much different than wheat noodles; when theyre done that’s it. Don’t overcook for real or its blobby time.

A packet of packets…

Main seasoning, oil and chili powder.

So these spices await some dried rice noodles and a good long stir…

Here you have a bowl of MAMA Pad Thai (click image to enlarge). I used all of the packets. It had a sweet yet spicy taste. Not too saucy as far as Pad Thai sauce goes – perhaps drain a little less well by just a slight amount? All in all, I liked this very much. It was very easy. The noodles kind’ve got a little sticky but nothing I didn’t expect. I’m giving this 3.1 out of 5.0 stars – I genuinely liked it. Get it here.