August 16, 2010

#109: MAMA Instant Pad Thai Noodles

So some Pad Thai by MAMA. This should be interesting – I’ve had Pad Thai before at a restaurant and its not too bad so we’ll see how it stands up here.

Rice noodles – should cook pretty fast. These are much different than wheat noodles; when theyre done that’s it. Don’t overcook for real or its blobby time.

A packet of packets…

Main seasoning, oil and chili powder.

So these spices await some dried rice noodles and a good long stir…

Here you have a bowl of MAMA Pad Thai (click image to enlarge). I used all of the packets. It had a sweet yet spicy taste. Not too saucy as far as Pad Thai sauce goes – perhaps drain a little less well by just a slight amount? All in all, I liked this very much. It was very easy. The noodles kind’ve got a little sticky but nothing I didn’t expect. I’m giving this 3.1 out of 5.0 stars – I genuinely liked it. Get it here.

6 thoughts on “#109: MAMA Instant Pad Thai Noodles

  1. rebecca

    i like adding shrimp and chicken to this, maybe reserve a little of the powder to toss ur protein in, cook it up and toss with noodles and rest of seasoning.

    1. Hans "The Ramen Rater" Lienesch Post author

      You know as far as all the instant home cooked Pad Thai I’ve had, this really is the best one I’ve found. A few domestic US brands attempt it but they use this horribly disgusting fake peanut sauce that kills the whole concept; they just don’t understand.

      – The Ramen Rater

  2. Bat Guano

    Add a large tablespoon of Vietnamese chili garlic sauce. I recommend the sauce by Huy Fong Foods, made in the USA (straight 8 oz bottle with flat green top). Mix with the contents of the three packets. Microwave the finished uncovered bowl of Pad Thai if you prefer the noodles dried out more.
    Really adds some heat and flavor to an otherwise bland noodle dish.

  3. Terri Deeds

    I recently found these at my local Korean grocery store and picked up a pack, without any expectation that they’d be good. Boy was I surprised, they are really quite tasty! I’ve tried a number of types of instant pad Thai from my usual supermarket and have been sorely, sorely disappointed. These really have a nice, complex pad Thai flavor.


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