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Meet The Manufacturer: #3578: Sau Tao Non-Fried Abalone Noodle – Hong Kong

Meet The Manufacturer: #3578: Sau Tao Non-Fried Abalone Noodle - Hong Kong

I’m still just amazed how many different styles of noodles this company has – they sent so many! This is a unique pack, too. Ten packs, ten sachets. Shall we give it a try? ...see full post

#2749: Maruchan Bariuma Goboten Udon

#2749: Maruchan Bariuma Goboten Udon

I looked around a bit and read that these big things in here are burdock tempura. Should be interesting – if you don’t know about burdock, here’s some info  from Wikipedia – ...see full post

Top Ten List Samples From Prima Taste

Looks like I’ll be doing some interview here in the USA soon! Those are always a lot of fun. I asked Prima Taste over in Singapore if they could send some samples along of the products they have that are in the Top Ten this year – and they did! ...see full post

CarJEN Sends Bags & Treats!

So every time I do a Top Ten list, I try to let the companies that make that list know. I usually post directly on their Facebook page a congratulatory message. Well, CarJEN’s J.J. Snek Mi Perisa BBQ made the new Top Ten Instant Noodle Snacks list, and I saw something neat on their page! ...see full post

The Ramen Rater Noodle News #10

Here’s the tenth installment of The Ramen Rater Noodle News! I look around the Internet and bring all sorts of interesting stories and articles about instant ramen noodles here! Enjoy! ...see full post