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#2016: Great Value Chicken Style Noodles With Vegetables

Another one my sister picked up for me in Canada – thanks again! Today, my boy Andy’s feeling a little under the weather, so I thought some Canadian chicken noodles would do him good. Well, I should say my sister sourced them in Canada; the package says they are a product of the United States. I really wonder who private labels these for Walmart. I’m sure someone will let me know! Anyways, let’s see what’s up with this cup.

Detail of the side panels (click to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but look for yourself. To prepare, add boiling water to fill line and let steep covered for 3 minutes. Stir and enjoy!

Detail of the lid (click to enlarge).

The noodle block.

Some vegetables from the cup – looks like spring onion, corn and carrot.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added kamaboko and processed cheese. The noodles are a little more hearty – thick and chewy. They hydrated well and there’s a decent quantity. The broth has flavor! Not bland! What is also nice is that it tastes liike chicken! The supplied vegetables hydrated well enough. I think I’m seeing a theme here – Canada should import it’s instant noodles from the United States. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 628915231724.

The Wal-Mart Effect: How the World’s Most Powerful Company Really Works–and HowIt’s Transforming the American Economy

A fascinating video about the futuristic looking transport systems that Walmart is investigating to bring products to their stores more efficiently.

#798: Golden Wheat Korean Style Pork Flavour Noodle Soup

Here’s a big cup my sister brought me back from Canada this year. Sounds good on a nice sunny day.

Here’s the side panels – click to enlarge.

The noodle block.

The seasoning powder.

Plenty of it.


Liquid base.

Looks like an oyster – kinda…

The veggies!

Looks like a nice little smorgasbord…

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added onions and a couple dashes of Texas Pete Hot Sauce. The broth was rather greasy and a little lighter of a flavor than I’d expected. The noodles were just plain boring; they didn’t really soak up any flavor. The veggies were okay. 3.0 out of 5.0 stars.UPC bar code 6921555586235 .

Korean pork belly – there’s really nothing like it!

청춘의 밤 The Night of Youth (1933)

– Song by Choi, Myoung-Ju (최명주)
– Composed by Yun, Young-Hu (윤영후)
– This song is known as the first Jazz Song which is composed by Korean now
– Recorded in 1933
– Choi, Myoung-Ju is a gisaeng (a singing and dancing girl as like the geisha in Japan) in Pyeongyang; Pyeongyang gisaeng school is very famous in this period early 1900.
– Detailed information in Korean : http://ignorams.egloos.com/2269709

#796: Vina Acecook Kingcook Vegetable Flavour Kimchi Noodle Soup

Here’s one from Vietnam. My sister found it for me up in Canada earlier this year. Vegetable? Kimchi? Sounds good to me.

The back of the package (click image to enlarge).

Here’s the noodle block – crunchy.

The seasoning packet – pretty full.

Looks like a melange of seasoning powder and vegetables mixed in.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added a fried egg, some kimchi, some Ajishima Kimchi furikake and some Tabasco Buffalo Style hot sauce. The noodles are okay – not all that great. The broth wasn’t bad for a vegetable flavor, although it was kind of funky nonetheless. It did have a slight spiciness to it that was agreeable. All in all, nothing special here. 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 8934563704162 .

Here’s a Vina Acecook commercial.

Ramen – rad.

#691: Mamee Express Cup Vegetarian Flavour

Here’s another Mamee my sis brought me back from Canada. Let’s give it a whirl.

Lid detail (click image to enlarge).

Must say I really like the new camera – this came out pretty swell! Click image to enlarge.

Woo-hoo! A free fork – You pull either end and it extends! Awesome!

The noodle block.

Powdered seasoning.

Very powdery.

Veggies. The fine print is interesting; I wonder what the protective coating is all about?

Looks like a pea and a light smattering of other ingredients.

Finished (click image to enlarge). First off, the noodles: decent gauge and sturdiness after steeping. The problem here is the flavoring; the broth is funky – I would say this one tastes a bit like Pringles potato chips and that’s all fine and dandy in a chip form, but a liquid Pringle isn’t so great. The vegetables were very few and far between. I might have found more if I was able to eat all of this. Disappointing. 2.0 out of 5.0 stars. UPC barcode 955502301211.

Mamee TV commercial

About Malaysia

#687: Nissin Cup Noodles XO Sauce Seafood Flavour (Hong Kong)

Here’s another that my sister brought me back from Canada! XO Sauce Seafood flavor sounds good – I think I’ll drop a couple discs of naruto in it too!

Here are the side panels (click image to enlarge).

Lid info (click image to enlarge).

Here’s what’s under the hood! No packet – just all the goodies awaiting boiling water, a few minutes and a good stir.

Finished (click image to enlarge). I added those two pieces of naruto.  The noodles are very nice – plentiful and soft – as well as nicely separate. The broth has a nice flavor – seafood notes and XO sauce comingle tastefully. The bits of seafood and veggies are nice – wish the corn was a little crunchier, but the other stuff was good. Liked this one – 3.75 out of 5.0 stars. UPC barcode 4897878100132 – here’s where you can buy the Nissin Demae Ramen pack version.

Hong Kong XO Sauce commercial.

The Sagan Series Part 4

Birthday Noodles From My Sister!

My birthday’s on Wednesday! Yay! My sister went up to Canada and called me and rattled off a ton of brands and names of instant noodles and got me a ton of them!

Wow how awesome! Tons of new stuff! Yay!

Wow look at this! Nong Shim Shrimp Shin Ramyun? Awesome! Thanks my sister! Love you!

#497: Nissin Demae Iccho Instant Macaroni In Soup Seafood And Abalone Flavour

My sister brought these back for me from Canada a while back and I’ve been coveting them for a special occasion. I thought closing in on the 500th review would be a good time to break out the tippy macaroni! So here we go!

On the left we have a liquid packet and on the right some powdered seasoning.

Certainly looks just like regular macaroni doesn’t it? Seafood and abalone sure aren’t flavors you’d expect to have with macaroni over here in the states! Maybe cheese or white cheese or a casserole or something. Predominately cheese for sure – but seafood? Awesome!

The sauce packet was what looked like oil and soy sauce. The powder was simply a powder base.

Click image to enlarge. Here’s the finished, unadulterated product. The macaroni took only four minutes to cook and seemed like there was no way it would suck up 500cc of water, but it did! The flavor was very nice – not too salty, not too seafoody. A very tasty meal indeed, although kind of tough to keep on the fork – perhaps because of the oil? Anyways, I really liked this alot! 4.0 out of 5.0 stars!

Lucky Me! brand is a brand of Monde Nissin (Nissin Worldwide) and since I couldn’t find anything else, went with this commercial.

I can’t resist adding a short about BBSes… I ran one for quite a few years back in the late 80’s early 90’s…