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Meet The Manufacturer: #2197: Mr. Lee’s Noodles Hong Kong Street Beef

The second review will be this beef cup! Very curious what will be in here – beef? To beef or not to beef? Well, only one way to find out! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #2196: Mr. Lee’s Noodles Warrior Fighting Shrimp

We start today with a seafood variety. I do believe this is the first instant noodle I’ve reviewed with the words ‘kick-ass’ on the front – hopefully a good sign, especiallywhen it comes to how spicy they truly will be. Let’s have a look at this, the first of six varieties I’ll be reviewing for Meet The Manufacturer this go around! ...see full post

#1169 Mr. Noodles Noodles In A Cup Beef Simulated Flavour

Here’s another from my Canadian birthday trip! Thanks again, Kit! This one’s for my son Andy (check out his blog at www.andyslegostuff.com). Usually he goes for the chicken varieties, but beef is what he’s getting today! Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#1009: Western Family Instant Noodles In A Cup Oriental

Here’s another that we got in Canada on my birthday. Here in the area I live, Western Family is a store brand, but never have I seen an instant noodle of theirs. Honestly, I haven’t seen any store brand instants here – not that they don’t exist. Well, let’s check out these noodles in a cup! ...see full post