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#3950: Acecook Yakisoba Mocchi Cchi Hello Kitty Edition – Japan

#3950: Acecook Yakisoba Mocchi Cchi Hello Kitty Edition - Japan

Found this in a Zenpop.jp box – you get seven varieties of instant noodles to try! I would say that almost every time I’ve gotten one of these, I’ve never tried any of them before which is really awesome. Use coupon code THERAMENRATER for a groovy discount! Here’s what they had to say about this one – ‘Acecook with some more innovation! With an original square-shaped cup, these Acecook yakisoba (焼きそば, fried soba noodles) are a treat for your taste buds. Ready to enjoy after a quick boil, and having drained the water, the noodles reproduce the texture of handmade noodles. It’s just like you’d make a dish of fried noodles at home, but instant! The dashi-flavored sauce together with the bonito is a perfect combination for an enjoyable meal.’ Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#1919: Maruchan Shiroi Chikara Mochi Udon

Here’s another one that was sent to me by Javier over at Box From Japan – thanks! Box From Japan is a subscription service – you can get a box sent to you every month with some great noodles within! This is an interesting one – looks like they’re mentioning a big Dragonball Z contest or something on it. 2.000.000 somethings are referred to… Hmmm… Not only that, this one’s got mochi in it! Mochi is a doughy kind of substance which can surround jellies or ice cream (my favorite). It also apparently goes well in udon! Let’s check it out! ...see full post