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#3166: Kinchan Niku Udon With Wakame – Japan

#3166: Kinchan Niku Udon With Wakame - Japan

Here’s one from Wes up in northeastern Canada – thanks again! Looks interesting – let’s give it a go!

Kinchan Niku Udon With Wakame – Japan

#3166: Kinchan Niku Udon With Wakame - Japan

Detail of the side panels (click to enlarge). Contains meat. To prepare, add in sachets and boiling water to fill line. Cover for 5 minutes. Finally, stir and enjoy!

#3166: Kinchan Niku Udon With Wakame - Japan

Detail of the lid (click to enlarge).

#3166: Kinchan Niku Udon With Wakame - Japan

The noodle block.

#3166: Kinchan Niku Udon With Wakame - Japan

A dry sachet.

#3166: Kinchan Niku Udon With Wakame - Japan

Soup base powder.

A garnish sachet.

Lots of things in here!

Finished (click to enlarge). Added chashu pork, black sesame, Salad Cosmo mung bean sprouts, Spring onion and soft egg. Noodle was quite impressive; I’m not usually a big fan of this style but they did a good job here. Moreover, the broth had a nice taste to it, not overly fishy or sweet. Included fishcake, meat and wakame were in good proportion. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.  JAN bar code 4904760010056.

Japanese Soul Cooking: Ramen, Tonkatsu, Tempura, and More from the Streets and Kitchens of Tokyo and Beyond

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#1109: La Fonte Spaghetti With Bolognese Sauce

You’re probably wondering what the deal is here. Well, I’ll tell you! These were sent along with a slew of other Indonesian (yep – it’s from Indonesia!) instant noodles. These are made by Indofood, the same company that makes Indomie! They only take 4 minutes to make, and I think they’re unique enough that I’d review them. Thank you to my friend from Indonesia for sending me noodles I could never lay my hands on here! Let’s check ’em out!

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge). It says it contains beef broth and ‘meat.

Spaghetti noodles. Definitely a single serving.

The sauce packet.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added beef, Vidalia sweet onion and red bell pepper sauteed with a little garlic salt. The noodles are what they claim to be – pretty standard spaghetti. The have a nice color and chew. The flavor’s great – the sauce has lots of little bits of what I figure it ground beef and has a nice tomato flavor with a little sweetness. Excellent – 4.25 out of 5.0 stars.UPC bar code 8888900600115.

Looks like a school assignment where students make a commercial for this product. Pretty nice!

#1016: Nissin Big Cup Noodles Habanero Lime Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

Here’s something people should be able to find easily at their supermarkets – at least here in the United States. Lime… Habanero… Let’s check it out!

Here are the side panels (click to enlarge). Looks to have meat.

No packets – just pre seasoned noodles – and a lot of them!


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added baked chicken with garlic salt, bell pepper, sweet onion and some Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt. The noodles are short and broad – they remind me of egg noodles. The broth has a lime, chicken and heat flavor. The heat is nice, but not deadly. Tasty! 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 070662030479.

A Nissin commercial from Hong Kong.

#361: Tayho Miễn Thịt Băm Vermicelli with Pork Ground Meat

Check this one out! This is manufactured in California. Not foreign! Interesting… Let’s give it a try!

Look at this! Flavor packets by Vina Acecook? Fascinating…

A retort pouch with ground pork. Hmmm…

Okay so here’s everything ready for water and a spin in the microwave. Yes, the meat looks kind of like cat food.

Click image to enlarge. Well, here we be. The soup is thin and kind of good. I like it, but there’s a little more of it than I would’ve liked there to be. The noodles were slippery but also slightly okay. The meat was tasty but more than once I was feeling a little put off by the whole array. I felt like something was wrong here but not sure what. Everything was cooked right though and so I’m going to have to deliver some bad news. I honestly must give this one a 1.25 out of 5.0 stars. It was hard to eat this; not because it was spicy, but because the texture and color made it a little hard for me to keep it down. This is my opinion so don’t growl at me if you like it and if I’ve prepared it wrong let me know, but yeah – 1.25 out of 5.0 stars.

We watched this a few nights ago. Pretty good movie.

#353: Nissin Top Ramen Chili Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

So here’s one my lady got for me – chili flavor Top Ramen! So cool – dueling Chili flavor products back to back! Let’s rock!

A single packet. How they can tell this from a different packet is beyond me. Amazing.

Vivid reddish powder. Has a nice volume too.

Click image to enlarge. I added a couple hard boiled eggs, a sliced up piece of turkey breast lunch meat some Lindberg-Snider Red Baron BBQ seasoning and some Amanfopong Hot Pepper powder. So it was spicy and tasty. I also detected something I really really liked – a hint of cumin. This bound it all together nicely. 3.25 out of 5.0 stars. Get it here. UPC bar code 070662010174.

Awesome Nissin noodle commercial from Japan

I thought this was funny – see, I call my wife Kit and she calls me Pup…