My Mom’s Instant Noodle Recipe

My Mom's Instant Noodle Recipe

My mother died two years ago on June 30th. I thought I’d share the recipe she came up with that honestly is why I started reviewing instant noodles. It’s very basic, but it’s really good and as a young child it was a special treat.

It’s simple – cook noodles and drain them. Season – now, the variety she used had seasoning in the noodle itself . What I’m doing today is using Best Wok Mi Goreng, but technically any fried noodle would work for this. After drained and seasonings mixed in, fry in oil until noodles get just a tad crisp. Add in two beaten eggs, stir fry, and you’re done.

My Mom's Instant Noodle Recipe

Finished (click to enlarge). It might not look like a million dollars, however it’s really quite satisfying. Mi goreng was a nice pairing, chicken instant noodles will work extremely well also. Give it a try!

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