#2193: Knorr Chicken Flavored Instant Noodles

Here’s one that Marvin R. sent me from Fort Worth, Texas recently – thank you! Knorr’s a pretty worldwide brand of Unilever. These are from Pakistan! Anyways, let’s have a look at these and give ’em a try!

Here’s the back of the package (click to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself. To prepare, add noodles and seasoning to 2 cups boiling water. Stir for 2 minutes as the water is at a rolling boil. Stir and enjoy!

The noodle block.

The soup base sachet.

A light mixture.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added coriander, hard boiled egg and baked chicken. the noodles came out alright – decent gauge but very soft. The broth was thin but had an off chicken flavor to them. 2.5 out of 5.0 stars. EAN bar code 8961014177701.

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