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#3813: Morre Instant Noodles Chatt Patta – Pakistan

#3812: Morre Instant Noodles Chatt Patta - Pakistan

Okay so on New Year’s Eve back in 2017, I did a different brand’s version of chaat patta and ran into the same issue: no info. I am not sure what the heck it’s supposed to taste like, but this time I’m kind of leaning towards this tasting like the little break/dough flavts that have stuff on top of them in Indian/Pakistani cuisine. I could totally be wrong too. So, I suppose it’s time to try something and not know what it’s supposed to remotely taste like and enjoy or dislike. Here we go. ...see full post

#1636: Shan Shoop Instant Noodles Masala Flavour

Been curious about this masala from Shan for a while. Shan makes a lot of different seasonings as well as the Shoop line of instant noodles. I remember when I first found it and that it was made in Pakistan – I was really excited. Why? Well, I’d only reviewed one instant noodle from Pakistan before, and strangely enough, it was pizza flavored! Anyways, Let’s check out this masala flavour Shan Shoop. ...see full post