Show Your Noodles Week 13

Wow! Week 13 had six entries! If you’re new to The Ramen Rater’s Show Your Noodles, every week you can email me a picture of some noodles you’ve made. include your name and location and I’ll post it on the weekly roundup! Fancy or functional, it doesn’t matter. Want to be part of next week’s Show Your Noodles? Just email me at Now, on to the noodle pictures! My wife judges the pictures and here they are.

6th place is from MRatito!

Here is a picture of a recent bowl I made for myself. I made a tantanmen style broth with some vegetable stock to which I added some fresh ginger and garlic. After it simmered do a while, I added a little soy sauce, and some tahini, and wizzed it in a blender. You can’t actually make out the noodles, but I used a block of Atoom Bulan, and topped it with tofu, kale, broccoli, carrot and some chili oil. Delish!

In 5th place, David L.

Here we have the Shin Raymen Black. But with added features such as baby bok choy, tomatoes, fresh green onions, and steamed egg cake. Simply an impressive meal.

In 4th place, Scott A. from Southern California!

Here’s a quick and easy creation I did at home…
Ramen Bowl Kimchi flavor
1 poached egg
And voila!
The egg yolk was a little runny so it was a nice compliment to the spicy broth.

In 3rd place, Ben B!

Pretty simple ramen lunch for me recently, Paldo Kimchi Ramen with an egg added in the last 25 seconds of cooking and some spicy kimchi on the side.
Paldo is decent stuff. The Nong Shim edges out ahead of it in the Korean Ramen category.
Hey I just realized I had some MAMA Instant Creamy Tom Yum today and didn’t take a picture… not the greatest but it was okay. You’re right, pretty greasy.
Enjoy the blog, thanks for doing it.

In 2nd place, Jenn R from the southern USA!

Let me preface this by saying yes, I love onions, any way they come so you will see them in almost all of my ramen. This is my Ottogi Bekse Curry Myon ramen with some love. I Boiled the curry spice pack first and added some pressed extra firm tofu to suck up all that curry goodness. Hard boiled an egg and rolled it around in a pan on the stove with some sweet soy sauce. Added some corn for sweetness, nori for yum-ness, bamboo and veg for …well I like veg and it tastes great in this curry! Back to the onions…I live for onions, but in this ramen, they made this spicy dish 10x more spicy…all in all it was a great dish for me and the hubby! Kids went tofu and corn only today. From the Spicy DEEP South, Jenn R.

Finally, in 1st place, D Chow!

My noodles:
Nong Shim hot n spicy ramyum, with mushrooms, sugar snap peas and fresh eggs.

Wow – what an impressive gallery of noodle pics! Thanks so much for sending them to me – I thoroughly enjoy this part of doing the noodle blog – I encourage you to keep sending in your pictures! Hoping for more every week! Thank you!


  1. Hey David, does the bok choy cut down on the super spicy nature of this ramen? My husband loves it but it’s a bit spicy for him. Oh and Ben B, you are CRA-ZAY, that is one spicy bowl of noodles plus you added MORE Kimchi…your kung-fu is strong, I bow!

  2. Must say, good looking bowl of noodles! Snap peas…yummmmm! I do have to ask, do you let the broth cook your egg whites a bit or are you hardcore and eat them raw?

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