A Donation From Florida!

Got a package from Greg B. of Marathon, Florida today! I wonder what’s inside?

Rad box, btw!

Awesome! Thanks man! He sent some new stuff, some that I’ve tried before and a bag of shallots! Those are going to be great! Greg’s the guy who’s working on the iPhone app! I’m sure we’ll all be hearing how that’s going soon! Again, thanks! If you’d like to make a donation, email me at info@ramenrater.com and I’ll send you my info and mail you some Ramen Rater stickers!


  1. I was mainly trying to get the shallots to you since you mentioned in a post that you could not find fresh ones around you. After I boxed them and the 4 or 5 new noodle up, there were still some gaps so I put in some ones that you had reviewed before as filler. Better then foam peanuts any day.

    A hint about the popeye snack. Make sure each bite has ramen and a ‘sugar’ star in it. Alone they are kinda strange, but mixed together it is quit tasty.



    1. Yeah that Popeye stuff is great! I’ve had it many times! Unfortunately, I won’t this time as they exploded a bit in the box. Ah well – everything else survived quite nicely! So what’s up with the iPhone app? Very curious!!! Mentioned it during my CNN interview…

      – TRR

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