#128: MAMA Oriental Style Instant Noodles Artificial PA-LO Duck Flavour

Okay. Last time I had duck noodles was a long long time ago and it was Myojo’s hat in the ring. Now here’s MAMA’s duck flavor.

Goop, powder and chili flake.

Well there they are in the bowl waiting for the broth and noodles…

Click image to enlarge. Instantly the smell of oddness filled the room. My lady make a stink face immediately. The smell really repulsed me. I don’t like it. The noodles themselves were fine. The broth stunk and was way too salty. Now this isn’t me saying I’ve had duck and think it tastes nothing like duck – I don’t know what duck tastes like. I do know however that I don’t like this stuff and if it tastes like duck, then it’d be logical to surmise that I don’t like real duck. Had a kind of chemical-like overtone to it. I couldn’t finish it either. Whomever likes this stuff is out of my league as far as taste buds go. I’m giving this one a 0.1 out of 5.0 stars. The noodles were okay but the broth was repulsive. Get it here.


  1. Pa-Lo typically has this Xmas-smell (cinnamon & anise) about it. My husband loves it, me definitively not, but your rating is clearly too biased and therefore quite unfair for potental users, sorry, more objectivity would suit all your valuations and especially a pic BEFORE your garnishings which often almost cover the product and are absolutely uninteresting in the written review and overcasting the too commonplace description (giving it top priority already in the beginning of the text) – nice to look at but bad job concerning the topic… (particularly when additional sauces get added)

    But I give you 1 star as well. Your site is perfect to look up ingredients and the product before preparation, thank you for that

  2. Maybe it’s because I love duck, but I found these noodles absolutely wonderful! The smell was alluring, tasteful and semi-musky. I added a squeeze of lime juice, fresh basil, cilantro ,jalepeno and green onion to it. The delicious duck flavour was spot on. And if you have never had duck before, it doesn’t make sense that you would give a duck flavoured ramen 0.1 stars based on nothing other than your lack of tastebuds.

    Also this is some terrible reviewing in my opinion. Why? Because when you like a noodle that you have reviewed you thoroughly describe the seasoning packets that come with it. And certainly you don’t call them “goop” in your other reviews. I think you should have a guest reviewer who actually likes duck rate this ramen — because a lot of people are sorely missing out on this delicious, great-smelling and happy noodle.

    1. Ashley –

      What you have to realize is that this is one of my earliest reviews. Before review #100 I had a duck one I disliked then as well. Perhaps I’ll give this one a re-review at some point.

      As far as guest reviewers, sorry but this is a one reviewer kind of deal. A lot of places have a panel of 2 or more, but that would require me working with others and diluting my opinions. Also it would require waiting for others to review at the same time in order to post. It’ll stay the way I review for the duration, but yeah it’s possible I’ll re-review this in the future.

      – TRR

  3. I like em plenty. Spice helped clear the head cold, and I could taste em. Never noticed any chemical tones to it, but I’m sick. So I dunno. Churched up with dried chives, and abc kecap manis for the heck of it.

  4. i’m a freshmen in college and as the year went on i started noticing this odd smell in my dorm room . Just the other day i walk into my dorm and i’m hit with the strongest, most disgusting odor ever. i ran into the bathroom and almost threw up. the smell was coming from the noodles my roommate was making: these noodles. not only is the smell strong and nasty, but it lingers. it lingers for days. now all my clothes, bed sheets, and bags smell of these noodles. needless to say, i’m finding a new roommate.

  5. I actually really dig this soup! I wondered why I liked it so much, and you didn’t then I researched Pa-Lo and found it is based on cinnamon, anise, garlic and onion. all things I love! It is an oddly sweet soup, so I can see how most would not like the taste. I, personally, give it a 3.5 out of 5 and would not overlook it. It is so cheap You wont lose anything by giving it a try!

  6. White people never heard of Palo soup before…so it’s understandable that this is too foreign to their usual likings.

    I for one….love palo…usually with pork & eggs…and duck is good too. This ramen is no exception….obviously their target market is for asian people of course.

  7. i’ve had this too and its so off. flavor wasnt memorable in any way only that i ended up throwing the soup out. melissa can i have your duck that u dont eat? duck is quite delicious hehe. i feel sorry for you.

    1. You certainly may have my duck, haha. I’ve been tempted to try it a few times with all these delicious looking recipes that use duck. Until then, my duck is yours.

  8. I have had a pack of this sitting in my cupboard for almost a year now. I personally refuse to eat duck, and after your review I will definitely refuse to eat this artificial duck as well. The smell is supposed to be what lures you into the noodles.

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