#84: Samyang Kal Gug Su Assorted Clam Flavor Korean Style Non-Frying Noodles

So here’s something I’ve had in the cupboard for a while and been kind of waiting for just the right time to try. Assorted clams – hmm. An assortment of clams. It just sounds really strange. I guess we’ll see what we got here.

Okay so two packets – flavor and flakes. But flakes of what – clam possibly?

The soup base was just a light colored powder. Nothing too interesting.

The flakes needed to be added on top – they definitely needed some time in hot water. I usually do this when the package feels like the contents are a little harder, say like a piece of corn in your standard cup noodle would be. Anyways, didn’t see any clammy stuff here. It looked like a little festive combo of dried veggies – onion, nori and carrot.

So since we were watching a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode with a lot of Klingons in it and Kal Gug Su sounds like a command a Klingon captain would shout to rally his troops. Who better than Chancellor Gowron of the Klingon high council to  present this bowl of noodles? So my thoughts: noodles were wide and fo a slightly chewier consistency, kinda udon like. The veggies re-hydrated and were nice, although very thin. Finally, the broth and flavor: not too bad at all. It was pretty mild; a little salty and a chicken-color broth. As far as clamminess, I wasn’t feeling any ‘of the sea’ or any bits o’ clam. The only notes I sensed was after eating this bowl of noodles, my breath tasted like clams kind of and I didn’t find that really at all appealing. I give this one 1.8 out of 5 stars… Nothing unique I could find here. Would’ve liked to see a little more of something here.


  1. If you get these in Korea they come w/ real clams (there’s a third packet w/ six clams in it). Yea, seriously w/ shells and everything…it just doesn’t sound right, does it? Freaked me out, too.Tasted fine and I’m still alive (duh).

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