June 8, 2011

#415: Ve Wong Dah Wei Vang Instant Noodles Artificial Classic Beef Flavor

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So this is a big wide bowl of noodles. Don’t think I’ve had any Ve Wong like this before – hope its something good!

Clockwise from top left: powdered seasoning, vegetable packet and finally seasoned oil. That’s quite a hefty veggie pack!

There’s everything waiting for the boiling water. It required a lot of it, too.

Click image to enlarge. So I’m going to say first off that this product had the most veggies. Period. That on its own is impressive – after 414 reviews! So the veggies themselves are a little mushy though, so quantity isn’t always going to conquer quality. The noodles were better than I expected too – not spongy or mushy. The broth hads a slight bit of spiciness to it and was beefish and enjoyable. All in all, not a bad bowl of noodle soup. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.

Wow how old school!

Reminds me of staying home from school sick…

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