October 7, 2010

#161: Paldo Green Tea Chlorella Noodles

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Green tea noodles? Cool – something unique right? Hmmm… When I opened the package I was greeted with the odor of green tea. Yup – the noodles are infused with green tea powder and the odor is very strong.

Two packets – dry soup base and vegetables.

The veggies looked very nice however the powder had a bit of an off odor to it.

Final product (click image to enlarge). I wish the photo showed how green this stuff is. Very strange. Honestly I found this to be some of the worst noodles ever. While It has the amazing power of green tea, the wretched aroma and flavor is enough to make me wretch. I am going to give it 0.0 stars out of 5.0 stars. Sorry Paldo but I really don’t like this one. Get it here.