#161: Paldo Green Tea Chlorella Noodles

Green tea noodles? Cool – something unique right? Hmmm… When I opened the package I was greeted with the odor of green tea. Yup – the noodles are infused with green tea powder and the odor is very strong.

Two packets – dry soup base and vegetables.

The veggies looked very nice however the powder had a bit of an off odor to it.

Final product (click image to enlarge). I wish the photo showed how green this stuff is. Very strange. Honestly I found this to be some of the worst noodles ever. While It has the amazing power of green tea, the wretched aroma and flavor is enough to make me wretch. I am going to give it 0.0 stars out of 5.0 stars. Sorry Paldo but I really don’t like this one. Get it here.


  1. I love these noodles, and so does my partner. But they have a different flavour – they’re not to be compared to your average ramen. They’re not spicy or msg-y. I imagine you either love or hate them. You have to try them for yourself. I’m really picky about my instant ramen – most I find terrible – and I love these, though not when I am in a spicy regular ramen mood. Just when I am in a green tea chlorella ramen mood.

      1. I’ve got to agree with Sara on this one but, yeah, it’s either love or hate. Not my go-to noodle, but I like them a lot. I do agree with you on the smell – it wasn’t that bad, though. Still, the review made for a great read. I haven’t tried any of the other “Bottom 10” items yet, but I think I’ll try to soldier through them in the MST3K spirit. If I can find them, that is.

  2. The cup Chlorella is better. I tried both the instant and cup. The instant is actually not that terrible. Maybe you prepared it wrong or something because this is my sister’s favorite ramen and she’s REALLY picky. Or, maybe you just don’t like it.

    1. Al –

      Personally I don’t know what those reviews on ramenbox were about cause I thought the stuff smelled and tasted really quite horrible! I think it would be way better to actually drink some green tea and maybe have some miso ramen along side it. It’s funny because a lot of people think that adding a healthy thing to an existing product is the way to go. I know a guy who is ecstatic about purchasing some caffeine-infused bar soap! I don’t see what that’s all about though… My final word on this stuff – make some green tea and boil some noodles in it and add some unexceptional flavoring with a little bit of bonito in it and that’s what you get. Unique stuff but I found it truly wretched.

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