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#2695: GGE Ramen Snack BBQ Cube

#2695: GGE Ramen Snack BBQ Cube

It’s snack time! So today we have a ramen snack from Taiwan. There a whole slew of different flavors and varieties – and shapes for that matter of these products. The first thing I do notice about these is that they’re called cubes, however, they look more like short cylinders to me. This being the case, it begs the question ‘doesn’t a crunchy cylinder sound good?’ I think they went with the right name, to be honest; BBQ Cubes sounds better than BBQ Cylinders. Let’s have a look. ...see full post

#1346: Oyatsu Baby Star Ramen Round Consomme Mini

Here’s a neat one I got at Fujiya up in Richmond, BC during this year’s birthday trip! This is a snack ramen – basically cooked and dried ramen that’s crunchy and tasty! I really like finding new ones to try as eventually I’m thinking a top ten list of snack ramen noodles will be produced. Anyways, let’s have a look! ...see full post

#450 Ottogi Ppushu Ppushu Tteobokki (Hot Rice Cake) Flavor Instant Snack

So you’re hungry, lazy, and you’re 12 years old or in a college dorm. Well, I’m sure most of you know the rest – you smash up a pack of Top Ramen and sprinkle the seasoning pack in, shake it and you’ve got some kind of funky potato chip bizarro-land thing. Well, in Korea they took that concept a step further and have products that are marketed to be enjoyed that way! ...see full post