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#2706: GGE Ramen Snack Tempura Flavor

#2706: GGE Ramen Snack Tempura Flavor

Went to the new Daiso over in Lynnwood, Washington this weekend. I used to get lots of neat bowls from there but unfortunately, those days are over. This was one of the larger Daiso places I’ve seen but unfortunately, they had the crummiest selection of bowls. Makes me bummed out as they had super awesome ones in the past. ...see full post

#2695: GGE Ramen Snack BBQ Cube

#2695: GGE Ramen Snack BBQ Cube

It’s snack time! So today we have a ramen snack from Taiwan. There a whole slew of different flavors and varieties – and shapes for that matter of these products. The first thing I do notice about these is that they’re called cubes, however, they look more like short cylinders to me. This being the case, it begs the question ‘doesn’t a crunchy cylinder sound good?’ I think they went with the right name, to be honest; BBQ Cubes sounds better than BBQ Cylinders. Let’s have a look. ...see full post

#2577: Wei Lih GGE Ramen Snack Tomato Flavor

#2577: Wei Lih GGE Ramen Snack Tomato Flavor - Taiwan - The Ramen Rater - instant noodle snack - good good eat

I’ve tried a lot of these instant noodle snacks from GGE (aka Everybody Loves Good Good Eat). They come in little cubes, loose noodle style, round little cylinders and these strips. Let’s bust open this bag of GGE ramen snack and see what’s going on inside! ...see full post

#1346: Oyatsu Baby Star Ramen Round Consomme Mini

Here’s a neat one I got at Fujiya up in Richmond, BC during this year’s birthday trip! This is a snack ramen – basically cooked and dried ramen that’s crunchy and tasty! I really like finding new ones to try as eventually I’m thinking a top ten list of snack ramen noodles will be produced. Anyways, let’s have a look! ...see full post

#450 Ottogi Ppushu Ppushu Tteobokki (Hot Rice Cake) Flavor Instant Snack

So you’re hungry, lazy, and you’re 12 years old or in a college dorm. Well, I’m sure most of you know the rest – you smash up a pack of Top Ramen and sprinkle the seasoning pack in, shake it and you’ve got some kind of funky potato chip bizarro-land thing. Well, in Korea they took that concept a step further and have products that are marketed to be enjoyed that way! ...see full post