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#1420: Maruchan ‘I Want To Eat Ramen’ Shio Flavor

I like the title of this one, because to be honest, I do want to eat Shio ramen today! Shio translates to salt in Japanese, but it’s not like you get a block of noodles and a packet of table salt. There are four main variants of Japanese ramen, with Shio being one of them. Here’s what wikipedia has to say about Shio: ...see full post

#189: Nissin Cup Noodles Manchurian Enjoy Noodles With Hot Soup

So I wonder what exactly does Manchurian taste like? I guess we’ll see…

The seasoning is included in the noodle block on this one. So I added the hot water up to the line and gave it 3 minutes. ...see full post