October 2, 2010

Ramen Rater News – 10-02-2010

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So we’ve been looking at many different little and big groceries around here. It is always fun to find a new one, but I think we’ve scoured the area and gotten to them all. So here’s a couple interesting things to look at. First…

So these were kind of cool – the kid on the package looks really ticked off! What was equally as funny is that there was a spicy mexican flavor where the kid has a moustache and a sombrero! Both tasty and politically incorrect!

So my son wanted to have some noodles – so I made the Nissin curry flavored Demae Ramen for him and drained the soup out. He’s enjoying them in the extreme. I must admit, this is pure 5.0 star tasty fare.

Anyways, nothing much new – been reviewing lots and lots of noodles!

Was surprised how quickly review 150 came after review 100!

That’s all for now!

The Ramen Rater

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