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#1936: Fortune Rice Noodle Coconut Curry

Found this one at the new Win?Co Foods store in Edmonds, Washington. I thought ‘ooh – rice noodles and curry’ and so I got it. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#278: Fortune Udon Mushroom Flavor

So this is the last of the Fortune Udons. Was waiting for the right time to make it for my beloved Kit and right now I’m going to say that she finds it to be absolutely excellent. ...see full post

#252: Fortune Udon Chicken Flavor

So let’s see if this is as good if not better than yesterday’s udon.

Again I am flummoxed; how do they tell the packets apart? This one is exactly the same as the beef packet. ...see full post

#251: Fortune Udon Beef Flavor

So something new – found this at a standard regular run of the mill grocery store. There were three varieties, so we got one of each, especially at 10/$10. ...see full post