D8 THC Cup Noodles Professional Mukbang

D8 THC Cup Noodles Teardown & Mukbang

First off, thanks to The Fat Hipster for sending these over. Honestly, more like curses to you, sir! This really did me in. I read after doing this THC (the stuff that gets you high from smoking marijuana) infused noodle that a gunny has 20mg of THC and that’s a lot for a ‘seasoned marijuana user.’ This has 100mg and it’s been maybe 18 months since I had any. I live in Washington state, and I could just walk to the store and legally buy marijuana. Apparently this D8 stuff is also legal for now, as the D9 comes from cannabis and the D9 somes from hemp, and hemp is legal everywhere. Crazy. Anyways, let’s give this a try. Most of the pertinent info will be in the mukbang below.

D8 THC Cup Noodles Teardown & Mukbang

Here’s what the cup looked like – standard, but they opened it, added something inside, then resealed it.

Detail of the lid and sticker (click to enlarge). To prepare, fill to line with boiling water for 3 minutes. Finally, stir and enjoy!

D8 THC Cup Noodles Teardown & Mukbang

Finished (click to enlarge). Nothing added. Well, I will leave you to the videos as they contain  most pertinent data on this stuff. I will say the chicken Cup Noodles tasted… Like Chicken Cup Noodles, so it didn’t taste funky or anything. Here’s the cooking video and mukbang below!

Watch me cook on Instant Noodle Recipe Time!

Watch me eat on Professional Mukbang!

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