#2227: Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup Sriracha Chicken Flavour

Time for a new domestic variety! found this one a while back down in Renton, Washington at the Uwajimaya there. It’s right next to where they have Pokemon League at a card shop. Anyways, it was kind of a shock since I found this one, their new chipotle chicken cup, and a few new bowls they came out with recently. I think this is the last of the new stuff. Let’s give it a look!

Here’s the back of the package (click to enlarge). Contains chicken. To prepare, add noodle block to 2 cups boiling water and cook for 3 minutes. Add in sachet contents. Stir and enjoy!

The noodle block.

The soup base sachet.

A light powder.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added baked chicken, cilantro and Huy Fong Sriracha Chili Sauce. The noodles are the standard Maruchan pack type you find in the United States. They have a good gauge and soft chew to them. The broth has a light spiciness and a nice chicken taste. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.  UPC bar code 041789002502.

Maruchan Creamy Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodles (Pack of 24)

A Maruchan TV commercial.

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  1. Your ad for Maruchan Creamy Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodles ($17 for 24 at Amazon) is actually good when mixed with hot curry powder for a cheap curry chicken ramen.

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