#1523: Paldo Jjamppong Seafood Noodle King Bowl

Here’s a new Jjamppong King Bowl from Paldo. The king bowl is yet another instant noodle form factor. There are cups, king cups, bowls and king bowls. I think the main different between cups and bowls are really the portability factor. I think a king cup and a king bowl hold the same amount of liquid though; I’ll have to compare them some day. But I digress. This is Jjamppong – here’s a little from Wikipedia about Jjamppong who are unclear about what it is:

Jjamppong (Korean: 짬뽕, Chinese name: 炒碼麵), a spicy noodle soup flavoured with onions and chili oil. A form of jjamppong is also the local Chinese speciality in the Japanese port city of Nagasaki (see Chanpon). The noodles are made from wheat flour.

So like Jjajangmen (noodles with black bean sauce), this is Chinese-Korean fusion. This bowl has some interesting directions which are a little tough to figure out but I’ll go over that further along. Let’s have a look at this Paldo Jjamppong king bowl!

Here is some detail from the text on the top and bottom of the plastic outer wraps (click image to enlarge).

Here’s the lid (click image to enlarge). To prepare, open lid halfway and take out sachets. Add in soup base and seafood vegetable mix and pour boiling water up to fill line (400ml). Cover and steep for 4 minutes. Stir well and add in finishing touch sachet. Enjoy! So, none of the sachets say finishing touch. If you do look at the ingredients list from the last picture, you’ll see the ingredients of the finishing touch sachet – and they’re almost all oil, so it’s the oil sachet.

The noodle block.

The soup base sachet.

A strong spicy seafood scent.

A vegetable block.

This block contains dehydrated vegetables and seafood. When water is added, it reveals its bounty!

So this is the ‘finishing touch’ sachet.

Has a sesame scent amongst other things.


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added sliced large green onion, mung bean sprouts, shrimp, mussel, octopus and clam. The noodles are nice thick ramyun; wide and chewy. The broth is just awesome – it has a very strong spiciness and a very good seafood flavor, along with a slight sweetness. The broth has a slight thickness which gives it a really great character. Best ramyun I’ve had in a while – 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 648436100866.

You can get a 12 pack of these bowls here.

A Paldo Spicy Seafood TV advertisement.


  1. This is great but nothing compared to the newer Paldo Jjampong with Chef Lee Yeon Bok (who specializes in Korean-Chinese cuisine) on the cover; it has considerably thicker noodles and a rich, slightly fire-roasted broth. The new Nong Shim Jjampong is also really nice; I think it’s the same noodles as the Zha Wang but I haven’t tried those just yet; noodles and broth are very close to real deal. I’d say the soup has even more of the roasted taste than Paldo but they’re both really solid options overall.

    I still need to find Ottogi’s Jjampong which is really popular in Korea right now.

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