#1485: Nongshim Spicy Tonkotsu Noodle Soup

Here’s a new one and it’s made here in the United States. Yep – there’s a Nongshim plant here in the US! I was able to visit them a couple years ago and it’s really neat – if you get a chance, you should check out their plant tours! Tonkotsu is a very standard variety of Japanese ramen, however this one’s got a spicy twist to it. Usually tonkotsu broth is made with pork bones that are boiled for a long time and this one does in fact contain pork. Let’s have a look!

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge). Contains pork. To prepare, add everything except contents of oil sachet to 550ml boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. Add in oil sachet, stir and enjoy!

The noodle block.

A dry soup base sachet.

Has a nice meaty and spicy scent.

The vegetables sachet.

Looks like green onions and seaweed.

The spicy garlic oil sachet.

Smells like a sesame and garlic kind of thing going on.


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added hard boiled egg, pork butt sauteed with soy sauce, mung bean sprout, sliced green onion and kizami shoga. The noodles are very premium – strong on the chewiness which really surprised me – like they were designed for this variety distinctly which was really a nice surprise. The broth has a nice rich flavor and a good heat to it. The vegetables were alright, too. The amazing thing is the large sliced of garlic that hydrate so nicely – they’re excellent! 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 031146025831.

Never had these before? These are definitely a must try if not.

I nominated my friend Ray over at Nongshim America for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a few weeks back. He’s a great sport and went all in!


  1. I contacted Nongshim to ask them if they would be bringing the new Jinjja Jinjja back to the USA. Their email reply indicated that they consider this Tonkotsu to be the American replacement for Jinjja Jinjja. I looked at the Tonkotsu ingredients and there is a mention of peanut in there. Not having tried Jinjja Jinjja myself, unfortunately, do you notice any similarity between the two?

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