#1104: Western Family Instant Noodles Chicken Flavour

Here’s yet another one picked up in Canada on my birthday! My wife took me up there (I’m legally blind so driving’s not the greatest idea for me). Thanks, Kitten! My son is a huge fan of chicken flavored noodle anything, so I figure he’ll like these.

The back of the package (click ijmage to enlarge). May contain traces of egg, fish/shellfish, nuts or sulfites.

Here’s the noodle block.

The soup base.

Has a chicken scent.


Here’s something my son drew in November of 2011 back when he was only 6. Lots of changes in his art since then, but I really like this one!

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added a slice of cheese and a little kamaboko. The noodles were the standard Western Family pack fare – not bad but could use a little better in the quality; they have a slight rich film you end up with. The broth had a really nice taste though – very comfort foody and chicken flavored. Of all the Western Family ones I’ve tried thus far, this was the best! 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.  UPC bar code 062639297169.

Here’s a commercial for Overwaitea, the company that makes the Western Fa,ily products in Canada.

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