#473: Myojo Ramen-Desse-Miso Japanese Style Soup Noodles Soybean Paste Flavour

Yet another one of these Myojo bowls from Japan. I don’t think I’ve found one I’ve really disliked a lot yet. This one, soybean baste flavor , should prove tasty – at least I hope so!

One big packet.

So these definitely are not the buckwheat noodles I’ve seen in these Myojo bowls before – I guess that was an aspect I didn’t like about a few of the other ones. These noodles look really nice and healthy with a bright, golden color. The dry soup base looks rich and had quite a few interesting looking little bits and pieces of who knows what to add to the flavor of the bowl.

Click image to enlarge. I added two fried eggs (we got a new frying pan and it freakin’ rocks!) with medium solid yolks. Good noodles – not too chewy not too mushy – just right. The broth was deep and dark and very tasty; like an aged soy flavor (miso) and a sea for little bits and pieces of the who knows what to float in. The who knows what turns out to be green onions, red chili pepper, a bit of Bonito, Sardine and Tuna, sesane seeds – this stuff even contains scallop extract! Wow what a concoction. I loved it. Super awesome tasty hell yeah kind of stuff. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars – find it here!

Never can find Myojo commercials – so here’s some puppies!

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  1. Love your reviews! Saves me some bad experiences with the relatively unknown brands. I would like to maybe see some prices included with reviews.

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