#310: Lucky Me! Instant La Paz Batchoy (La Paz Style) Instant Noodles Artificial Beef Flavor

So some new Lucky Me! stuff here… More beef! Bring on the beef!

From left to right: a packet of soup base, a packet with seasoned oil on top and some crunchy greasy stuff below and a packet of weird rehydratable chewy thingies.

Doesn’t that look nice? Added 400cc water and 2 fried eggs at the end and got…

Click image to enlarge. This. The noodles are okay – not great. The seasoning left me wanting more; the broth was not very interesting and the veggies were just kind of mushy. It was interesting but it kind of lacked a little in the veg department. But then again it wasn’t spicy either. 2.5 out of 5.0 stars. Get it by the cup here.


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