#244: Nissin Karashi Mayonnaise Flavor Yakisoba Pan-Fried Noodles

So look upon this with awe and silent adoration. Mayonnaise flavor noodles. Mayonnaise on the noodles. Mayonnaise. It’s just so amazing. This one is using something called Karashi Mayo.  Wikipedia says lends  some light to this situation…

Karashi (芥子, 辛子, からし, or カラシ?) is a type of mustard used as a condiment or as a seasoning in Japanese cuisine. Karashi is made from the crushed seeds of Brassica juncea. Karashi is usually sold in powder form or paste form in tubes. Karashi in powder form is prepared for use by mixing with lukewarm water to a paste and leaving it covered for a few minutes.[1]Karashi is often served with tonkatsu, oden, natto, and shumai.[2]Karashi can be used as part of a dipping sauce when mixed with mayonnaise, called karashi mayonnaise or with vinegar and miso, called karashi su miso.[3] It is also used to make pickledjapanese eggplant, called karashi-nasu.[4]

So it’s a mayo infused with some karashi. Sounds good – on! on!

Click image to enlarge. Very straightforward instructions – hot water, spout, packets out, yes yes…

The top is a nice little packet of the karashi mayo and the lower is powdered yakisoba sauce.

Finished noodles and the soba sauce powder on top awaiting a vigorous stir.

Click image to enlarge. Well there you have it – maybe not as perfect as on the package but a reasonably successful attempt. So how is it? Oh, it’s freaking awesome! Kind of like wasabi mayo. The noodles are great too and the veggies are nice. One thing though – I wish the noodles were a slight bit chewier. But other than that, bravo Nissin, thank you for this flavorful indulgence – 4.75 out of 5.0 stars!


  1. I gotta get some of that ramen, very tempting. Karashi mayo looks like it packs a little heat. Did that come from Uwajimaya?

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