#175: Samyang Spicy Radish Flavor Cold Ramen with Ponytail Radish Noodle Soup

So here’s the second that Kit selected for me to try today. I’ve been honestly avoiding this one for quite a while but I left her to decide my noodle sampling fate again today so here we go!

One single solitary packet: liquid soup base.

Thick, black and goopy. This stuff is unrelenting in its tarry, ominous nature.

Click image to enlarge. So this is a cold noodle deal. I thought it was interesting how the packaging said noodle soup although the water the noodles are prepared in is all drained off. I couldn’t imagine these noodles in the 600cc’s of broth with the seasoning being at all palatable. Okay so it’s very spicy.  The noodles were stirred into the goopy stuff for a long time so they’d be evenly mixed. It’s interesting stuff. I think some people would like it a little more than I but I’m the ramenrater here so to hell with them. I thought it odd that there was a piece of hard boiled egg shown on the package. I would think that this would cause some serious internal gas in combination with these noodles and the seasoning. I’m giving these a 3.0 out of 5.0 – they have a certain uniqueness I find endearing and the flavor is spicy, ands the noodles are of good stock and have a skosh of gumption. Get it here.

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