September 13, 2010

#137: Nissin Bowl Noodles Rich & Savory Chicken Flavor with Premium Straight Cut Noodles

Why not right? Some of the stuff that most folks are more used to – big bowls of noodles with easy to understand flavors like chicken and not some kind of melange of paste and rice noodles. Yeah why not.

Numbered packets? Pretty cool! I’ve seen this in some foreign packaging, but the packets never actually had the numbers on them!

Powder and veggies – lots of both. The third packet, the ‘soup booster’ is seasoned oil. Not sesame oil either.

The finished product (click image to enlarge). Lots of vegetables! Always good marks for that. The noodles are rather unsophisticated; they don’t say ‘hey! I’m noodles! rawr!’ I get more of a ‘yeah we’re noodles what do you want?” The broth is less tasty than I expected. In fact it really could use some salt. I don’t know about this stuff. I found it really boring with no zing. Bland food for bland palates. I’m giving it a 1.75 out of 5.0. I like Nissin’s products but I think Curry Demae Ramen beats the pants off of this stuff by a long shot. Get it here.