#131: Unif-100 Artificial Shallot Chicken Flavor Instant Noodles

So Kit tried the Pork flavor of this line a while back. I thought chicken with shallots sounded quite nice so here we go. I must admit it feels like there’s a lot of pouches in this one!

At the top is the powder, then left is goop and right is veggies.

A lot of flavor stuffs here… The goop looked to be seasoned oil – I even gave it a little taste to see how it was and found it very odd. Kind of reminded me of cold chicken. The powder was ample and the veggies looked sufficient.

Its always interesting to me to see whether a bowl of noodles will be filling or not (click image to enlarge). For example I had Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen. Good stuff but really not very filling. This stuff however is. Lots of noodles – like a tighter woven noodle cake. The noodles are plentiful and just a slight cut above cheapo noodles. The broth is nice although it does have a kind of weird aftertaste that I can’t identify except in that I don’t find it exactly appealing. The veggies were decent. I’m going to give this one 3.25 out of 5.0 stars.

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