#95: Wei Lih Instant Noodles With Artificial Beef Flavored Soup Stock

So here’s the second Wei Lih product to enter my stomach through my facehole. Artificial beef flavored stock huh? Is that what you get when you boil an artificial Steer with flowers on its head?

Two packets – a powder and then the thick stuff. Very clumpy.

It looked kind of neat in the bowl and all – like some kind of artwork.

Review (click image to enlarge)? 1 out of 5 stars. Yup. Usually I complain about too salty? This stuff hasn’t much flavor and is very weird. It tastes like fake something – not real beef-like. I don’t like it. The noodles are somewhat okay. I don’t like the way it tastes. It’s just plain odd. I don’t like it. I liked the other Wei Lih thing, but I don’t like this.


  1. These are the best instant noodles I have ever tried. I am still trying new products all the time but havent found one that is better. Trying to find a way to get hold of them here where I live.

  2. I agree, this is the nastiest tasting ramen I have ever put in my mouth. I took two bites and threw the rest out. Yuck.

  3. mmmmm been eatting the WeiLih beef & onion flavoured noodles since i was 5 yrs old!
    love’ em – they are my absolute favourite.
    i have always eatten it as noodle + broth dish, not dry noodles.

    yummmy, gonna make some now…. woohoo!

    1. I must admit, I’ve gotten a lot of comments from people who love Wei Lih products – 99% of which I found to be nasty… Nevertheless, these people have been really uptight about my opinion… I guess that’s what PLASTIC does to the palate!!! Nyahhh!

      The Ramen Rater

  4. The broth packet is easily 3-4 times heavier (more nutriments) than comparable ‘beef ramen’. The broth tastes more like a real beef broth and less like a MSG-chemical-broth than other ramens. I think the reviewer needs to try real beef broth soup sometime and then rethink what tastes ‘funny’.

    I think it’s the best, most natural tasting beef ramen i have ever tried, so I disagree completely with this review. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

  5. Hi, I do believe that like the original Wei Lih noodles, you prepare them like the Indomie Mi Goreng noodles. I know the picture on the front looks like noodle soup, but the powder sachet really looks like it’s meant for a side soup used from the water, and the sauce for dry noodles. Just try it out that way! Nice blog btw

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