#94: MAMA Artificial Chicken Flavour Oriental Style Instant Noodles

Okay so first off, here we go with the MAMA noodles. I really didn’t expect to like these but what can I say – not too bad. Mi Ga it says on the top left – Ga means chicken in Vietnamese – I know that much. Interesting as this is a Thai product.

A gooey one and a dual packet of chili pepper and seasoning powder. Very reminiscent of Indomie’s packaging methods.

I liked how everyone stayed in their own spot for this picture; its like they wanted to separately pose for the picture.

Click image to enlarge. Separately posing instant noodle flavoring packet contents. Yeah I’ve lost it. Anyways yes that was aall of the chili packet you saw. This stuff’s a little spicy, a little greasy and the noodles are ready to chow down on crunchy and all if you wanna go that route. My reviews? I’m spotting MAMA here a 2.5 out of 5 – mainly due to the fact that chicken flavor was nowhere to be found. I think you should first and foremost try to keep to the labelling and chicken flavored this isn’t. Get it here.


  1. Damn 😀 only 2.5/5 for the classic Mama noodles. my staple, classic, usual go-to noodles. yup. I love the Mama’s Chicken Noodles.

  2. can someone please tell me if this is halaal for muslims to eat because i’m confused if its real chicken or artificial please answer my question!!

  3. Thanks for your excellent review. Based on your review, I have purchased 100 boxes of mama noodles. That means I will have to eat 2,000 packets of noodles. I hope they are good.
    I really liked the pOcture you took.

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