#93: Payless Pancit Canton Xtra Big Original Flavor

So here’s something new. I’ve been avoiding it a bit as I wasn’t sure if I really would like it. But I remembered I’m the ramenrater, fearing no ramen and all that crap so here it is. The big one. My review’s preview is simple (think of this said with an extremely strong hwhuh sound on each word)  Hwow – this stuff hwas hwonderful and I hwould eat is daily.

Three massive packets – a powder, a seasoned oil or fat (the white one, which actually melted as it sat outside of the ramen package and ended up clear in its packet) and some dark liquid – I’m thinking a sweet soy possibly.

I found myself looking at this nappy melange of what have you thinking this is gonna be crap. But what I didn’t expect was what I saw on the package.

It said to drain the noodles and stir em in (click image to enlarge)! Hells yes! This pack of noodles was very much reminiscent of something Indomie would put out – but it’s from the Philippines. Hmm. I looked up Pancit Canton – Pancit is just their word for noodles. Cantonese is a style of Chinese cooking. I’m thinking these are just Chinese noodles. Well any way you fork it, these were top notch. I’m curious whether the regular size will be enough to feed a gnat though – I’d cashed this bowl in about ten minutes or less. I think they’d go just great with an egg, maybe some beef or chicken? I’d lean towards some beef honestly. So yeah – decent noodles and the flavor was sweet and yummy. Okay – here’s my points… 4.5 out of 5.0 stars – this is the best I’ve given in a while. Congrats Payless!


  1. Saw your IAmA on reddit. Payless is actually the cheap budget noodles in the Philippines. I’m not saying it does not taste good. I was surprised though that it got a high rating from you. It’s not the preferred brand, maybe 3rd or 4th in line? When it comes to noodles in pouches, Lucky Me is the most popular brand for both soup and drained variety. It’s safe to say almost everyone buys it. Nissin Cup noodles for the noodles in cup.

      1. Where do you usually buy PH noodles? If only shipping was cheap I’d send you a lot of different brands..

  2. Interesting noodle. This one is flavored with shrimp, fortified with vitamins!!!, and cheaper than lucky me and indomie.

  3. we don’t like Payless noodles and we’re from the Philippines..

    We challenge you to try Pancit Shanghai..dunno what it’s called in the US
    goodluck Ramen Rater mwahahaha!

    1. i beg to disagree.,im from the Philippines but we really like Payless noodles especially this extra big one! my nephews and I love it and i also gave one to my boyfriend and a while ago he asked me how much it is cause he freakin’ love it! he said he’ll buy a lot! 🙂 its cheap, yummy and easy to prepare.,

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