Re-Review: Sapporo Ichiban Chow Mein Japanese Style Noodles

Some might consider this to be beyond nasty, but I’ve found faith in humankind when it comes to these cheap, tasty noodles. Perhaps you will too as reviews Sapporo Inchiban’s Chow Mein style Japanese noodles.

For some reason, this photo always ends up sideways, so I’ll let the universe have its way and it can remain sideways. Regular ramen cake, check. Soup base, check. Green Laver packet, check.

Cooking the noodles and adding a little shredded ham. The instructions call for a cup or water and meat and cook til noodles are freely separate.

Finished (click image to enlarge). After the noodles were done, they were transferred to this bowl. These was little or no liquid left and so I added the soup base packet and stirred. It provided a thick brown oozing love fest aroma. After it was thoroughly combined, I added (by sprinkling on top) the Green Laver. Green Laver is seaweed and gave the meal and surrounding area a pungent odor which I found very pleasant.
So in conclusion, the rating for this bowl of instant noodles is 4.5 out of 5. They were flavorful, broth-less, unique with the green tinge of the seaweed, and I could eat thrice the amount packaged in a single meal.



  1. These have been my favorite ramen for years now. To me, it’s the best one in the universe to add stuff to, because of the weirdly ambiguous flavor. Spicy powders, sauces, pieces of meat or veggies, egg, etc. Soooo yummy.

  2. These are really good. I just had some the day after thanksgiving. I added leftover chunks of ham and since I really have no idea where I can buy fried shallots but still wanted something of an oniony crunchy nature, I threw some French’s onions on top instead. It was really good though. I don’t often add a bunch of stuff to my noodles because I’m in such a hurry to eat them. XD

  3. Ok, so had a couple plates of this now in the last three days. I generally really dig the flavor and sauce that the powder creates… a pretty decent meal for $.75 (and pretty amazing for instant), especially with some vegetation. Also. Screaming Cock Sauce (you know the kind)… so good with this. I had to keep the bottle close at hand. Anyway. I was just noticing tho, that one portion isn’t quite enough, but two… uh… too many noodles. 1.5 is probably the right answer… but then what are yah gonna do with the rest??? My cats probably wouldn’t like it. Anyway. YUM.

  4. I can’t believe I have this in the kitchen! I randomly bought a bag one day because I was curious how it would taste like. It is filled with flavors that makes your mouth want some more. Of course one bag is not enough because one bag is 2 bites! I have not tried it with green laver yet, but I will. Have you tried the Ichiban sapporo shrimp flavor?

  5. I was hoping you found the ichiban chow mein… probably the best ramen ive ever had.
    btw, I like to eat 2 ramen at a time…. with this stuff, after 1 and a half… for some reason the flavor becomes unapitizing. just so ya know.

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