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#1790: Super Kimchi

Here’s another cup I got during last year’s trip to Penang. As I’ve been mentioning, I’m trying to get everything reviewed before they expire! Not often do I get to go abroad and bring home noodles, so it’d be a horrible waste to lose any. Anyways, this is an interesting one – a kimchi flavor cup noodle from Malaysia. I don’t think I’ve seen many of those. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#1788: Super Curry Flavour Noodles

Another one from last year’s Malaysia trip. Turns out I still have a few more I haven’t gotten to so it’s time to run through them before they expire. Curry. Malaysia. Super. Let’s check it out. ...see full post

#1785: Super Instant Noodles Black Pepper Crab Mi Goreng

One of the last ones I got during my trip to Penang, Malaysia last year to visit the folks at MyKuali. This is from a store called Econsave. I had seen this Super brand before but was always curious if I’d end up with any of them; very elusive. Let’s check out the pepper crab mi goreng! ...see full post

#1732: Super Seafood Flavour Noodles

Here’s yet another I got last year at the Econsave in Butterowrth, Penang, Malaysia! I’d seen this Super brand before and had always wondered if I’d ever get some. Took travelling thousands of miles, but I got some! Let’s have a look at this Malaysian cup. ...see full post

#1495: Super Instant Noodles Mee Goreng

Here’s another poor cup noodle that got beaten up a bit on the flights back from Malaysia. Could’ve been between Penang and Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei, or Taipei and Seattle – probably a combo of all three. Poor foam cup! There was a lot of turbulence last Sunday morning over Japan. Luckily, this is a noodle that gets drained anyways, and so it’ll come out fine. What’s funny is that the cup got banged up, but the noodle block is almost completely intact! Got this one at Econsave in Butterworth!  Let’s check this mee goreng out! By the way – you may have also seen ‘mi’ goreng. Mi Goreng and Mee Goreng are the same thing; they both mean fried noodles – there’s also Mie Goreng you may see as well. ...see full post