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#452: Myojo Hyoubanya no Chukasoba Japanese Style Noodles Soy Sauce Flavor

Well lookie here! My wife and I were at H-Mart and she spied these on the lower shelf. We tried the ones in the blue packaging – the Oriental flavor – awhile back and those were quite delicious. Since these must be purchased in a five pack, I figured let’s give them a go – she should dig ’em!

Only one packet for this one. Very simple.

Darkish brown powdery soup base. I would have expected a liquid packet as it is soy sauce flavor, but let’s wait and see…

Click image to enlarge. Two eggs were boiled with the noodles for three minutes. This was excellent. The noodles had a nice amount of chewiness and tension; they’re not cheap-o noodles that’s for sure. The broth was very good – a nice rich soy sauce flavor was there. The eggs finished the dish nicely. Very pleased with this one. My wife thoroughly enjoyed it too! 4.0 out of 5.0 stars for this one from Myojo.

A commercial for a different variety of Myojo noodles featuring Ultraman!

We rode this one at Disneyland for our honeymoon – Johnny Depp wasn’t with us which was okay.

#422: Vifon Mì Lẩu Thái Thai Style Instant Noodle

This one’s been sitting in the bottom of the ramen box for quite a while now. Wondered how they would be – spicy? Salty? Nasty? Thready? Well, let’s open them and find out!

Well for one thing its full of packets – and a fork! Fork update! As far as the packets go, going clockwise from the top left we have (according to the package) a Citronella & Gallingale packet, soup base, vegetables and seasoned oil.

Nice colors atop the noodle block. The block is made of fried pre-seasoned noodles that could be eaten by themselves as almost all of the wheat flour based noodles I’ve had from Thailand are.

Click image to enlarge. Added a couple lightly fried eggs. Very good stuff! The noodles and broth reminded me a bit of Tom Yum flavor, just not as strong. The noodles were tasty and the veggies were too. The soup was not greasy at all – in fact it was very light – not what I expected at all. I was tasty yet delicate. The eggs atop lent a broken yolk heartiness to the broth and some bulk. A fine breakfast. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.