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Tapatio Ramen Giveaway Contest


Tapatio Ramen Giveaway

Many you probably no and many of you probably don’t – Tapatio, the popular hot sauce – now has their own range of spicy instant noodle products called Tapatio Ramen Noodle Soup! Want a chance to be the envy of your friends at lunch with some of these bowls? Read on to find out how – it’s really easy to enter to win! ...see full post

Unboxing Time: Tapatio Ramen Noodle Bowls

Unboxing Time: Tapatio Ramen Noodle Bowls

Here’s a special one! Got contacted by a company about some fancy new bowls with a familiar flavor. See, I’ve been reviewing instant noodles for a long time, but there was a gap of about 5 years in the middle where I reviewed hot sauces. Tapatio is a popular hot sauce here in the United States – so I’m sure you’ll be excited to see this one! ...see full post