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#4150: 7 Select Tomato Basil Pasta Cup – United States

#4150: 7 Select Tomato Basil Pasta Cup - United States

What an interesting thing! You might be surprised to know that while 7 Eleven stores started in the United States, they’re owned and headquartered in Japan now. 7 Select is a range you see over there quite a bit but here it seems to be a new thing. So, a convenient pasta cup. This sounds like fun. It promises to be the finest… Oh man I still feel like crap… I think we all have the ‘rona. This isn’t fun that’s for sure. But hey let’s check this out! ...see full post

#2938: Buitoni Noodles Gusto Curry

#2938: Buitoni Noodles Gusto Curry

Alrighty so these were sent by the Butlers of Illinois – thank you dso much! Looking at all the references to Maggi on this package, I’m guessing this is going to be about the same as Maggi Curry – a variety popular around the world. Oddly and to the surprise of many, these really isn’t a Maggi Curry you can get in the store here in the USA in regular stores – in fact you really don’t see many Maggi branded products here in the states. Let’s give this one a try! ...see full post