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#2883: Taihodien Restaurant Supreme Spicy Noodle

#2941: Taihodien Restaurant Supreme Spicy Noodle

Here’s a new one from Taiwan! Taihodien Restaurant is known as a hot pot place that has some of t he spiciest stuff out there. Here’s a bit about the restaurant from their website:

“Taihodien was the name of the palace where the emperors of the Qing dynasty held court. Since its establishment in 1994, Taihodien Restaurant has worked to ensure that its customers can enjoy the quality of service and savor the taste of food fit for an emperor. The restaurant only uses the finest quality materials in the hope and expectation that visitors from around the world will always carry the memory of Taiwan’s good flavors on their taste buds. Coming to Taihodien Restaurant to partake of the Taiwanese passion for gourmet dining is like attending a dinner held by the United Nations. The world of the gourmet knows no boundaries; we welcome all comers to share in this special dining experience.
Taihodien Restaurant’s spicy chili soup is smooth and mild, and low in dryness and heat; it can be enjoyed even in the summer. The stock is made with all natural ingredients. Our famous soft duck blood pudding tofu is made with a triple stewing process—alternately bringing it to a boil and then slow-marinating three times. Bring your family and friends to come and taste our natural, quality flavors.”

Sounds impressive! Maybe I’ll have to visit next time in Taiwan! Let’s have a look.

Taihodien Restaurant Supreme Spicy Noodle – Taiwan

#2941: Taihodien Restaurant Supreme Spicy Noodle

Here’s the back of the package (click to enlarge). Unsure whether it contains meat – check for yourself. To prepare, boil noodle in 1200ml water for 6 minutes. Drain. Add in sachet contents. Finally, stir and enjoy!

#2941: Taihodien Restaurant Supreme Spicy Noodle

An interesting dry noodle block.

#2941: Taihodien Restaurant Supreme Spicy Noodle

The first of three liquid sachets.

#2941: Taihodien Restaurant Supreme Spicy Noodle

Spicy paste.

#2941: Taihodien Restaurant Supreme Spicy Noodle

Another liquid base sachet.

#2941: Taihodien Restaurant Supreme Spicy Noodle

Soy sauce.

#2941: Taihodien Restaurant Supreme Spicy Noodle

The third sachet.

#2941: Taihodien Restaurant Supreme Spicy Noodle

Spicy oil.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added Chinese sausage and coriander. The noodles are narrower than a lot of dry noodles and have a pleasant chew to them I really like. The flavor is very intense. If you like Sichuan peppercorn flavor, you’re in for a treat. For me, I will have to admit it’s just too much of an inundation of Sichuan peppercorn – just way way too much for it to me enjoyable taste-wise. However, it’s seriously impressive spicy-wise. This one packs a punch to be sure! 2.0 out of 5.0 stars.  EAN bar code 4710006581651.

#2941: Taihodien Restaurant Supreme Spicy Noodle

Sichuan Peppercorns 4 Oz.

A video from Taihodien Restaurant.

#1443: Nongshim Harmony Korean Spicy Noodle Dish With Chipotle

Here’s a new one from Nongshim, and it’s definitely unique. It’s a stir noodle, which means that there’s no broth, but a sauce that it stirred in to coat the noodles. Another unique thing is that it can be served hot OR cold! I was thinking of using a special divided bowl I have, but one side is bigger than the other and so I came up with an idea: since they sent a few packs, I’ll make one hot, sample it and then make one cold and sample it – easy enough. Something else I found interesting was on the right and left sides of the package. It says “NONGSHIM BLACK CLASS NOODLE DISH.” The final interesting this about this one is the inclusion of chipotle. Chipotle? Now that’s different – don’t think I’ve come across that being used in an instant before. Well, let’s open this one up and see what’s inside!

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge). Contains fish. To prepare, add noodle block and vegetable sachet to 400ml boiling water and cook 3-4 minutes. Now to make it hot, simply drain and stir in contents of the liquid sachet. To make it cold, drain and run under cold water and stir in contents of liquid sachet. Enjoy!

The noodle block.

The vegetable sachet.

Loys of mushrooms and peas!

The sauce sachet.

Can smell the chipotle!

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added mung bean sprouts and sliced green onion. The noodles have a thick ramyun gauge. They have a nice texture and chewiness – very good! The flavor is nice – has a light start and then wham – spicy! What’s interesting is the chipotle component too – not something I’ve tasted in an instant before and it works pretty well. The heat lingers and builds the more you eat! The vegetables were very good – I liked the mushrooms and I’m not a big fan of mushrooms! 4.25 out of 5.0 stars. By the way, the above is it served cold. On hot versus cold, I liked them about equally – although since it’s a warmer day here and in the Summer, cold seemed a skosh nicer.

Here’s a video about where these noodles are made! Yup – in California! I got to visit with my wife in 2012 and it was really awesome there – if you are in the area and can do a plant tour, you won’t regret it – it’s a lot of fun and fascinating!

Brand New Products From Nongshim America!

Here’s something I’ve been waiting for – three new products from Nongshim America! Let’s see what’s inside!

On the left we have Harmony. It’s a broth-free variety that has a chipotle pepper flavor to it. What’s neat is that you can sever is hot or cold – cold sounds good for the summer! On the right is their new Spicy tonkotsu – I don’t know a lot about it except it mentions pork in thje ingredients, so it’s a pork broth – sweet! What I find interesting is that on the edge of the packs it says “Nongshim Black Class Noodle Dish.”

Shrimp is good. Habanero spicy. Lime compliments both of those – very curious how this new bowl will be – been a while since they came out with a new Bowl Noodle! Thank go to Ray and Nikki and all the other great folks at Nongshim America for sending these samples!