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Friday Video: East Of Occidental

[youtube url=url= https://youtu.be/E3FWysOWNaw]Today, I have a half of a documentary – unfortunately, if you want the other half you have to pay for it… But the first half is a real eye opener for people who have frequented the Seattle International District. Definitely spend 15 minutes of your day to watch this. ...see full post

Friday Video: Introducing The Ramenia-21

[youtube url=url= https://youtu.be/m8T9FSe5ngE]You are looking at the future of the instant noodle. I think this is a most awesome thing I’ve seen in a while! Come on kickstarters – make it so!  I don’t usually get political, although I’m a very big follower of politics. I would encourage everyone to have a look at the news today. A lot going on. Happy Friday to all! ...see full post

Friday Video: Instant Noodles Being Digested: So What?

[youtube url=url= https://youtu.be/IQlNv2Au-Lg]You’ve probably seen the video they’re talking about in this news clip before. Not only that, you’ve probably seen many, many news articles about how horrible this is. I got an email yesterday about the video asking about my opinion. So here goes. ...see full post

Friday Video: Happy Lunar New Year!

[youtube url=url= http://youtu.be/LSqqbbdnpck]This video lets you in on some info about Lunar New Year and how people celebrate it around the world – and it’s funny, too! I thought I’d include some other videos as well. CCTV-1 did a 7+ hour Chinese New Year Gala. Here’s a long video showcasing traditional Chinese New Year music. In Singapore, you can see the fireworks from Marina Bay. Here’s a recipe for South Korean Tteokguk New Year’s Soup! Taiwanese artist Chen Forng-shean celebrates the Year of the Goat by delicately carving miniatures of the animal onto pencil tips. ...see full post

Friday Video: TV Show About Top Ten

[youtube url=url= http://youtu.be/dMJClngBQZs]Found this video by accident yesterday – turns out a TV channel called MUCH runs a show called ‘Who Alone Tonight’ in Taiwan. It’s a variety show. Well, they decided to devote this episode to instant noodles and did an in-depth survey of my top ten list for 2014. Check it out and happy Friday! ...see full post

Friday Video: Flashback Friday

[youtube url=url= http://youtu.be/Jte7Jhii4e0]I woke up today with this song in my head. It’s kind of weird – I got a bunch of hand-me-down audio cassettes from my sister Sue when I was a kid. All sorts of disco and soul stuff – I listened to them over and over and over – lots of Bee Gees and Spinners and O’Jays. It’s kind of like I went through the 70’s pop thing even though I was 5 when 1980 came around. Thought I’d post this one today – my sister and I will be visiting Thailand in May and I’ll have more info about that soon. Some things I can say now is that it’ll have instant noodles, rice, and factory touring involved! Happy Friday to all! ...see full post