Friday Video: Expiration Date

This is a funny short film about what happens when a guy gets an expired Cup Noodles. Note – expired Cup Noodles won’t actually do this (anyone who thought this is a true story after watching this should have their head examined). Anyways, here’s some info about the film. Happy Friday!

Expiration Date from Felicity Flesher.

A young student is forever changed when an expired cup of ramen noodles enters his life.

Written, Produced, Directed, and Edited by
Felicity Flesher

William Wert
Eloise Tyner
Tonya Flesher
Dale Flesher
Jillian Mattern
Tabitha Scalewheather

Executive Produced by
Andy Harper
Matthew Graves

Created over the summer of 2011 at Media and Documentary Projects at the University of Mississippi.

Official selection and special jury award winner – 2011 Oxford Film Festival


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