#1518: Mamee Chef Gold Recipe Bihun Kari Seribu Rasa

A week or so ago, I reviewed Mamee Chef Gold Recipe Mi Kari Seribu Rasa. This however is Mamee Chef Gold Recipe Bihun Kari Seribu Rasa. What’s the difference? Well, ‘mi’ means noodles – as in instant wheat flour noodles. Bihun is the Malaysian term for rice vermicelli. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about bihun:

In Malaysia, the rice vermicelli can be called and founded as Mihun, Mi hoon, Mee Hoon, Bihun, or Bee Hoon.Bihun Sup is a Malay style dish, mixed with spiced beef broth or chicken broth. Sometimes it came with sambal kicap (pounded bird’s eye chilli mixed with dark soy sauce) as condiment.

  • Bihun Kari mixed with curry, added with mung bean sprout, fried tofu and red chillies sambal.
  • Bihun soto is in a yellow spicy chicken broth, served with chicken and potato cutlet.
  • Hokkien mee throughout Malaysia varies considerably due to regional differences.
  • Bihun Tom Yam is mixed with tom yam.
  • Laksa Sarawak is mixed with a base of sambal belacan, sour tamarind, garlic, galangal, lemon grass and coconut milk, topped with omelette strips, chicken strips, prawns, fresh coriander and optionally lime. Ingredients such as bean sprouts, (sliced) fried tofu or other seafood are not traditional but are sometimes added.
  • Mi Siam is a stir-fried style dish.
    This being a bihun kari, I’m going to try and dress it up accordingly. I will say I’ve never been a huge fan of rice vermicelli, but then again I don’t think I’ve really had any instant varieties that were curry broth based, so let’s see what we have with this one!

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge). Contains crustaceans. To prepare, add bihun to 400ml boiling water and cook for 3 minutes. Add in dry sachets and stir. Add in paste sachet to taste. Enjoy!

As you can see, bihun is a very fine rice vermicelli.

The seasoning powder sachet.

Has a nice prawn scent.

A sachet of non-dairy creamer.

A decent amount of the fine powder.

The curry paste sachet.

A good quantity and wonderful scent.


Finished (click image to enlarge).Added shredded crab stick, mung bean sprouts, coriander, tau pok and hard boiled egg. The bihun is indeed very thin and wispy. It’s slightly dry, as rice vermicelli usually is and that’s always been my complaint. However the broth is rich and spicy and full of flavor. The oiliness and thickness of the broth coats the bihun very well and makes it definitely the most enjoyable rice vermicelli I’ve had. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.  EAN bar code 9555022303925.

If you’re interested in noodles, this is the book for you. As in today’s review, we can see there are different kinds of noodles throughout the world and Noodle takes you on a journey of exploration. Get it here!

A demo at Mamee Chef of mi tarik – which means hand pulled noodles.

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