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#3851: MyKuali White Fish Broth Noodle – Malaysia

#3851: MyKuali White Fish Broth Noodle - Malaysia

As you can see from the sticker, this one was on my top ten 2020 list. I thought I’d better give it another try and see how it is and if I’m still into it as I was. I like to give another go with noodles that I’m thinking of putting on the next list from the previous year. Things can change – especially when it comes to Malaysian varieties – they love to change things up a little here and there with recipes! Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#1953: Prima Taste Singapore Fish Soup La Mian

I’ve been wanting to try this one for a really long time and the folks at Prima Taste were kin enough to send it to me recently! Thank you very much! Pretty sure this has been around just as long as the curry and laksa la mian varieties – been a long wait! As I don’t have any fish really, I’m going to go with a little assortment of seafood – sounds good to me! Let’s dig in! ...see full post