Product Samples From Prima Taste

Got this neat dual box package in the mail the other day! What’s inside? Let’s see…

Product Samples From Prima Taste – Singapore

Very well packed!

A layer of Prima Taste Fish Soup (click to enlarge)!

Three of Prima Taste’s products (click to enlarge) – Prawn Soup, Laksa and Curry.

The trio of Juzz’s Mee (click to enlarge) – curry, creamy chicken and original spicy. Since exporting chicken from Southeast Asia is tricky to do to the West, they’ve come out with a chicken free creamy chicken I’ll be reviewing soon!

They also sent a couple of posters (click to enlarge) – you’ll be able to see them in The Wall Of Fame section soon!

Finally, a Juzz’s Mee poster (click to enlarge) – thank you very much!

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